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They say - if you really want to commit to something, tell someone about it. 
I'm too ashamed to tell it to my friends or relatives so... why not tell it to a bunch of complete strangers?! ;)
I'm overweight. I'm 21 and I'm almost 110 kg (c. 243 pounds). I'm on the brink of diabetes and I'm also struggling with hypothyroidism. I've been like that since I remember. They always called me fat. And I've always had a thousands of excuses not to exercise:  bad knees, no tools, no time, period, classes etc.
But now I've decided to do something about it. And I really mean it. It probably won't be a great super successful weight-loss story. I know, there will be ups and downs. I'll be lazy, as always and I will come up with new excuses to do nothing. I will also try hard to not to give up. I will fight with myself. And I will win. Someday. 
If you want to help me - follow me. I will have to take the responsibility to tell you when I screw up ;). I can only promise to make it as much enjoyable for you as possible! 
Yours, Kate.

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